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**This service is currently only available in Johannesburg & Pretoria (central parts of Gauteng)

After extensive research Owl Rescue Centre found that there is no rodent poison on the market that guarantee not to cause secondary poisoning in owls. 

The chemicals used to control rodents are being found in the livers of owls and are causing the deaths of an alarming quantity of birds of prey. The chemicals cause metabolic disruption and damage to tiny blood vessels, resulting in internal bleeding and ultimately death.

Owl Rescue Centre realized an alternative eco-friendly solution is required in order to convince the public not to use harmful chemicals. We designed a humane Owl-friendly Rat Trap to assist owls with rodent control.

The Owl-friendly Rat Trap is designed primarily to catch rats without killing or harming them. Food bait (not poisoned) is placed inside the cage part of the Rat Trap to lure the rodents to the trap. The rat or mouse enters the Rat Trap through a trap door to get to the bait. The rodent is caught alive and without injury; it is trapped with a supply of water and food. When you see a rodent in your trap, you can contact the Owl Rescue Centre to collect the rats to use as food for the owls in the rehabilitation centre. The collection of rats is a free service that the Owl Rescue Centre offers to those who make use of the Owl-friendly Rat Traps.

Rental Fee: R 150/trap per month - A minimum rental period of

6 months apply, payable upfront

rat Trap Rental Inqueries:
072 425 7044  



Rat Trap Project