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Wild Adventures with Lazzy the Otter
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Rebecca has grown up with animals her entire life. Her parents are wildlife conservationists and since she can remember, different wild animals have filled their home. This time, she gets to help one of her all-time favourite animals, a Cape clawless otter named Lazzy, to return to the wild. This means swimming with him in the river, teaching him to fish and helping him to learn survival skills that he would need out in the wild. But Lazzy is afraid of water and Rebecca has her own fears to face; she must bravely perform a solo dance in an upcoming competition. Her bond with Lazzy teaches her courage and inspires her to follow her dreams.


Wild Adventures with Lazzy the Otter! is aimed at middle school level readers.  In our line of work, we have the privilege of experiences and encounters with wildlife that most can only dream of.  Wild Adventures with Lazzy the Otter is a work of fiction that draws upon the real-life events of a project we were involved in to help a Cape clawless otter return to the wild. 


The expected official launch date of the book is December 2023