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The owls that come into the Centre are wild owls in need of care.  Once they have been successfully rehabilitated, they are released back into the wild to carry on with their normal existence as free and wild birds.  Therefore, we limit the interaction and human contact for the following reasons:

- Wild animals are placed under unnecessary stress through human interaction

- We are very careful not to imprint on the owls in our care.  Making wildlife use to people is not in their best interest. 

- It is against our mission statement and believe system to keep any animal in a cage for longer than required to complete its healing process just for the spectator value it may have.  We realize that this may contribute to funding for our projects, but our first and foremost priority lies with the well-being of the owls.  All our decisions are guided by the following question: "What is in the best interest of the owls?"

Instead, we invite you to join us on open night events on an Owl Walk through the Sanctuary, when we support feed some of the released owls by placing food on the feeding platforms around the reserve. Guests may observe from a distance without causing any disturbance to the owls.  This is done during the evening when many owls can be seen in their natural environment around the Sanctuary. Booking is essential. 

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Contact Information

Non Profit Registration 2012/126036/08

Physical Address                     (By appointment only)

Farm 448 Bokfontein Hartbeespoort                          North West Province

Contact number:                      +2782  719 5463

Email: info@owlrescuecentre.org.za

 Donations are always appreciated, no matter how small!

You can donate directly to Owl Rescue Centre NPC (2012/126036/08)

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If you suspect an owl may be injured or in need of rescue, please contact our emergency line on 082 719 5463 Or whatsapp a photo, location and any available detail to 082 719 5463 
Please do not attempt to take action without speaking to a trained Wildlife rehabilitator first




Visitors Policy 

Owl Rescue Centre is not open to day visitor for viewing of owls. This is why:

For general inquiries contact
for Media related inquiries contact danelle@owlrescuecentre.org.za
For sponsorship related inquiries contact funds4owls@owlresceucentre.org.za