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As a Non-Profit organisation, we are constantly seeking support from the public and corporate companies to help us succeed in our mission to rescue, rehabilitate and release owls.

When you ‘adopt’ an owl, it means that you sponsor its rehabilitation costs at our facilities. 

The amount you wish to sponsor is entirely up to you.  Our current running costs per month, just to keep our doors open, is in the region of R100 000.   Any contributions to offset some of the costs are appreciated.

Please e-mail us at info@owlrescuecentre.org.za or contact us on 082 719 5463 for more information.

Owl Rescue Centre's


Plastic Recycling Drive

Every person who inhabits this earth as consumers, have a responsibility to keep it clean 

and to conserve it,  for the wildlife who calls it home.

When we came to realize that only a very small percentage of all South Africa’s plastic was being recycled, we knew that something had to be done to stop all the plastic waste from landing up in the environment and in our oceans.  Owl Rescue Centre has decided moving forward, to manufacture all our conservation products, including Owl Houses, Bat Houses, Bee Hives and more from recycled plastic, to make an even greater impact through our conservation efforts.  
We aim to recycle six-hundred tons of plastic per year, making this a feasible environmental project.   

Your donations will help us to make this project a success.  Help us save the planet! 

DONATE towards the PROWLER

Plastic Recovery OWL and Environmental Rescue (thank you to Steven Freemantle for naming her)

We are fundraising to buy a ship to collect all the plastic debris floating in the oceans. Have you seen the videos of kilometers of mountains of plastic?
We would manufacture a conveyor that dips into the water and conveys all the rubbish to a compactor and storage holding cells. The ship has a loading capacity of 800 tons. We would sort the plastic and bring it back to land where it can be recycled and made into conservation products. We need to raise a total of $650,000.00 to purchase her.

Join our social experiment: We have asked 150 000 people to pledge on our Facebook Page, to donate R50 ($4) on the last day of July.  If we succeed, we will have her on the water by Spring.

Each year Owl Rescue Centre continues to advance its mission of protecting, rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing of owls.  

The goal of the Owl Rescue Centre is to continue to make a difference in owl conservation. With the help of donations from supporters such as you we will continue to see a decrease in the owl mortality rate and a positive future for all owl species in Southern Africa.


Contact Information

Non Profit Registration 2012/126036/08

Physical Address                     (By appointment only)

Farm 448 Bokfontein Hartbeespoort                          North West Province

Contact number:                      +2782 719 5463

Email: info@owlrescuecentre.org.za

Bank details:

Owl Rescue Centre NPC

Nedbank Current Account

Account 103 081 9580

Branch Code 198 765

gallery/recycled plastic barn owl house

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